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Innovation systems and legal frameworks operate on an international scale. I am an expert on the effects of global trade governance on intellectual property laws, policies, and real-world practices. Particularly passionate about Africa, I am working to ensure that international institutions and agendas are designed to promote economic growth as well as human development for more just and inclusive societies.


Trade & Development

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Network Governance of Biofuels: Can Policymakers Coordinate Multi-level Regulation?

Biofuels, by Steve Jurvetson, on Flickr. “Network Governance of Biofuels” promotes a regulation and governance framework for biofuels that, while not necessarily simpler, let alone harmonized, is more coordinated and better rationalized. The analysis in this working paper is presented in two major sections, following a more detailed discussion in...

Free Trade, Federalism & Technology Policy: A Public Lecture

This public lecture and accompanying presentation, explained how free trade, federalism, and technology policy are integrally linked. Among the core challenges is implementing the intellectual property provisions of international trade agreements, such as the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in federal systems, a topic I’ve researched and written about...

Implementing WIPO’s Development Agenda in North Africa and the Middle East

Mosques, Tunis, 1932, by Smithsonian American Art Museum, on Flickr. The World Intellectual Property Organization invited me to speak about my trade and development research, specifically my book Implementing the WIPO’s Development Agenda, during an outreach and capacity-building seminar in Tunis, Tunisia. It was surprising (though in hindsight, it shouldn’t...