Technology Innovation

Massive social and economic changes happen when new technologies disrupt old ideas. How do innovative businesses bring about and react to revolutionary or even incremental technological progress? What legal and policy implications flow from emerging management strategies, especially in open and collaborative innovation systems? My work at the intersection of technology, law, and business addresses these fundamental challenges.


Technology Innovation

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Adapting to the Challenges of Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology

Biotechnology regulation is a controversial and complex issue. My research helps to solve practical challenges like building the policy consensus and public acceptance required to promote agricultural biotechnology as a solution to problems like food security, rural economic development, and science and technology innovation. One of my many public lectures about...

Courts Play a Key Role in Regulation and Governance of Agricultural Innovation

Our courts, through litigation, can shape the regulation and governance of agricultural innovation, especially biotechnologies.  As part of the University of Saskatchewan College of Law‘s Guest Speaker Program, I presented some of my new research: “Judging Biotech: How the Courts Control Our Crops,” explores how agricultural biotechnologies policy can be affected...

Network Governance of Biofuels: Can Policymakers Coordinate Multi-level Regulation?

Biofuels, by Steve Jurvetson, on Flickr. “Network Governance of Biofuels” promotes a regulation and governance framework for biofuels that, while not necessarily simpler, let alone harmonized, is more coordinated and better rationalized. The analysis in this working paper is presented in two major sections, following a more detailed discussion in...

Free Trade, Federalism & Technology Policy: A Public Lecture

This public lecture and accompanying presentation, explained how free trade, federalism, and technology policy are integrally linked. Among the core challenges is implementing the intellectual property provisions of international trade agreements, such as the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in federal systems, a topic I’ve researched and written about...

Remedies for Biotechnology Patent Infringement

A pair courts decisions have a big impact on remedies available for biotechnology patent infringement. Defendants in biotech patent lawsuits seem to be better off than previously thought. The result could mean revaluing Canadian patent portfolios based on enforceability issues, and revising business and intellectual property practices accordingly. Read the...