Intellectual Property

Control over, and access to, knowledge determines how the benefits of scientific, technological, and other advancements are realized and distributed throughout our information society. How exactly does protection of intellectual property rights shape the global knowledge economy? Better understanding and then influencing the law of patents, copyrights, trademarks, secrets, and many related legal rules are among my top research priorities.

Intellectual Property

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Jeremy de Beer discusses the smartphone patent wars on cbc radio

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A Property Law Reader

Studying property law for the first time? Here’s Canada’s most widely used casebook on the subject, including cases, questions and commentary on a range of fundamental and cutting-edge property law issues.

Intellectual Property Issues in CETA: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

The Canada-EU Trade Environment Technology Exchange, a project led by Jeremy de Beer and Debra Steger Key intellectual property issues being negotiated in the Canada-EU CETA may be hard to implement, given the constitutional law governing Canada’s federal system. In “Implementing International Trade Agreements in Federal Systems” I explain...

Courts Play a Key Role in Regulation and Governance of Agricultural Innovation

Our courts, through litigation, can shape the regulation and governance of agricultural innovation, especially biotechnologies.  As part of the University of Saskatchewan College of Law‘s Guest Speaker Program, I presented some of my new research: “Judging Biotech: How the Courts Control Our Crops,” explores how agricultural biotechnologies policy can be affected...

Network Governance of Biofuels: Can Policymakers Coordinate Multi-level Regulation?

Biofuels, by Steve Jurvetson, on Flickr. “Network Governance of Biofuels” promotes a regulation and governance framework for biofuels that, while not necessarily simpler, let alone harmonized, is more coordinated and better rationalized. The analysis in this working paper is presented in two major sections, following a more detailed discussion in...

La Commission du droit d’auteur: L’histoire juridique

“La Commission du Droit d’Auteur du Canada: vingt années à « faire » l’histoire juridique,” (2010) Vol. 22, nº 3 Les Cahiers de propriété intellectuelle 593-627, est la traduction française de mon article, “Twenty Years of Legal History (Making) at the Copyright Board of Canada.” Le présent article pose principalement...