Trade, IP, and Innovation: Lessons from COVID-19

Vulnerable: The Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19, a global collaborative project on the pandemic. Our contribution to the work examines the role of intellectual property rights, trade law, and domestic research in Canada’s preparedness for this pandemic. We identify issues that hindered Canada’s response and suggest reforms to improve preparedness in the future.

“This chapter addresses intersections among international trade law, intellectual property rights, and domestic innovation policies to prevent, detect, and treat pandemics. Structural issues with Canada’s innovation system affected preparedness for this pandemic and, unless remedied, will impede responses to future crises. In this chapter, we suggest aligning domestic and international policy measures to nuance Canada’s approach to intellectual property and accelerate Canada’s global contributions through open science.”

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Suggested Citation: J. de Beer and E.R. Gold, “International Trade, Intellectual Property, and Innovation Policy: Long-Term Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis” in C.M. Flood, V. MacDonnell, J. Philpott, S. Theriault & S. Venkapuram, eds, Vulnerable: The Policy, Law and Ethics of COVID-19 (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, forthcoming: in production).