Standards of Review

How do federal courts decide when to defer to the expertise of administrative tribunals, and when to overturn a decision on appeal or judicial review? The answers are in this book, now in its 4th edition.

The book was originally co-authored, and has been revised and updated, with a group of former law clerks at the Federal Court of Appeal. The book analyzes the concept of judicial deference generally, and explains the standard of judicial review applicable to numerous federal decision-makers. For those interested in intellectual property or technology law, there are individual chapters dedicated to, for example, the Copyright Board of Canada, the Commissioner of Patents, the Registrar of Trade-marks, the Information and Privacy Commissioners of Canada, the C.R.T.C. and the Competition Tribunal.

It is available in many Canadian and international law libraries (ISBN 0 433 44609 9), and can be purchased from the LexisNexis-Butterworths Bookstore. You can download the preface to the 1st edition, the preface to the 2nd edition, and all of Chapter 1 (a general introduction to the theory and history of judicial review in Canada).