Innovation and Intellectual Property: Collaborative Dynamics in Africa is the most recent of my five books in the fields of innovation, intellectual property, and global trade and development. While this volume of empirical case studies reports on current realities, its sister publication, Knowledge and Innovation in Africa: Scenarios for the Future, explores pathways ahead. Earlier publications include Implementing the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Development Agenda as well as Access to Knowledge in Africa: The Role of Copyright. I am also a co-author of Canada’s leading property law casebook, and managing editor and co-author of a practitioner’s handbook on aspects of administrative law.

I have published three dozen peer-reviewed chapters and articles across the disciplines of law, business, political science, and public policy. These scholarly publications—many in top-ranked journals—complement a range of national and international policy papers, business strategy briefings, and similar outputs designed to mobilize research into action. You can also find my ideas expressed in widely read newspaper and magazine editorials accessible to professional audiences or the general public.



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Who Really Owns the Stanley Cup?

As most of you remember, there was one year where the Stanley Cup was not awarded because of a labour dispute between the National Hockey League and its players.  This dispute resulted in the 2004-2005 lockout, as well as a lawsuit over the ownership of the Stanley Cup. The...

Music Distribution & the Internet

My review of Andrew Sparrow’s new book “Music Distribution and the Internet” was published in latest issue of FreePint. Read it here …

Social Hosts Not Liable for Drunk Drivers Leaving Parties

In Childs v Desmoreux, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that party hosts are generally not liable if their guests drive drunk and injure third parties. My case comment, “Social Host Liability in Canada,” explores the major implications …

Digital Locks and Private Copying Levies

The relationship between private copying levies and digital rights management tools is a major challenge in copyright law. Different types of copyright-holders generally prefer different approaches. Individual authors and performers and their representative societies have favourable attitudes towards levies, while major producers and distributors tend to prefer the control...