Innovation and Intellectual Property: Collaborative Dynamics in Africa is the most recent of my five books in the fields of innovation, intellectual property, and global trade and development. While this volume of empirical case studies reports on current realities, its sister publication, Knowledge and Innovation in Africa: Scenarios for the Future, explores pathways ahead. Earlier publications include Implementing the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Development Agenda as well as Access to Knowledge in Africa: The Role of Copyright. I am also a co-author of Canada’s leading property law casebook, and managing editor and co-author of a practitioner’s handbook on aspects of administrative law.

I have published three dozen peer-reviewed chapters and articles across the disciplines of law, business, political science, and public policy. These scholarly publications—many in top-ranked journals—complement a range of national and international policy papers, business strategy briefings, and similar outputs designed to mobilize research into action. You can also find my ideas expressed in widely read newspaper and magazine editorials accessible to professional audiences or the general public.



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Judging Intellectual Property Overlaps

How do judges draw lines between different intellectual property laws? Answers are in this research examining case law in the United States and Canada on the overlap of patents and plant breeders’ rights.

A Data Commons for Food Security

In this paper my co-authors Jeremiah Baarbé, Meghan Blom and I propose a ‘data commons’, formed through a licensing model that allows farmers to benefit from the datasets to which they contribute.

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Copyright Royalty Stacking: Multiple Payments for Music Licensing

Copyright is a bundle of rights which requires a variety of licenses to use. Copyright royalty stacking means the layering of multiple payments for permission to use copyright-protected materials. It is a phenomenon commonly encountered in copyright licensing transactions, especially music licensing. My book chapter in Michael Geist’s edited collection, “The...

Standards of Review

How do federal courts decide when to defer to the expertise of administrative tribunals, and when to overturn a decision on appeal or judicial review? The answers are in this book, now in its 4th edition. The book was originally co-authored, and has been revised and updated, with a...

A Property Law Reader

Studying property law for the first time? Here’s Canada’s most widely used casebook on the subject, including cases, questions and commentary on a range of fundamental and cutting-edge property law issues.

Intellectual Property Issues in CETA: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

The Canada-EU Trade Environment Technology Exchange, a project led by Jeremy de Beer and Debra Steger Key intellectual property issues being negotiated in the Canada-EU CETA may be hard to implement, given the constitutional law governing Canada’s federal system. In “Implementing International Trade Agreements in Federal Systems” I explain...

Network Governance of Biofuels: Can Policymakers Coordinate Multi-level Regulation?

Biofuels, by Steve Jurvetson, on Flickr. “Network Governance of Biofuels” promotes a regulation and governance framework for biofuels that, while not necessarily simpler, let alone harmonized, is more coordinated and better rationalized. The analysis in this working paper is presented in two major sections, following a more detailed discussion in...