Property Law

A contemporary twist on this staple course in the law school curriculum, our introduction to property excites students with questions that connect foundational principles and real-world problems. Who may own human body parts? What’s proprietary about news or sports scores? How does patent ownership impact access to medicine? Does property law adequately address problems of homeless and poverty? What is a cyber-trespass? Are racist trust funds illegal? When and how did women win rights to a fair share of family property? Those topics are in addition to traditional core issues of real and personal property, like boundaries, possession, estates, future interests, trusts and Aboriginal perspectives on property. Using Canada’s leading property law casebook, equal attention is paid to conceptual and doctrinal aspects of the law. Emphasis is placed on the analytical skills required for legal practice, without losing sight of public policy and social justice.

Link to Professor de Beer’s Property Law course on Brightspace for uOttawa students.