A passionate and experienced public speaker, I have delivered over 100 invited lectures and presentations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. My goal is always to translate research insights into practical recommendations, whether speaking with policymakers at international organizations, Parliamentarians at governmental committees, business leaders at industry conferences, among academic audiences at scholarly events, or to the general public through media appearances. Speaking is also an important part of my legal practice, for example discussing strategy with law firms and businesses, or appearing in cases before the Supreme Court of Canada.


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Digital Locks and Private Copying Levies

The relationship between private copying levies and digital rights management tools is a major challenge in copyright law. Different types of copyright-holders generally prefer different approaches. Individual authors and performers and their representative societies have favourable attitudes towards levies, while major producers and distributors tend to prefer the control...

Access to Knowledge About Ag-Biotech

At the Access to Knowledge Conference that took place in March 2006 at Yale University in New Haven, USA, I spoke about my research on Canadian ag-biotech patent law, covering parts of my research published in various articles I’ve written about this...

How to Compensate Artists for Private Copying

My work on the topic of artist compensation in Canada was presented to the Uniform Law Conference of Canada’s annual meeting in St. John’s, Canada in August 2005. The ideas presented were incorporated into an article on the role of levies in Canada’s digital music marketplace, published in the...