Reliable, objective, empirical research forms the core of my work. As a leader of several large-scale research projects, I am currently exploring the role of intellectual property in diverse formal and informal economic settings on the African continent, and, in Canada, rethinking the role of intellectual property for open innovation. These and other projects described here tie together the themes of innovation, intellectual property, and global trade and development. My research cuts across the disciplines of law, economics, management, political science, and public policy, also intersecting with subfields of natural sciences and engineering, making it highly relevant in practice. With more than $11 million in research funding since 2006, my  collaborators and I are empowering the next generation of research leaders, and transforming public policies and real-world practices.

Research Team

I work with researchers from multiple academic disciplines, government, and private sectors, based in regions around the world. Some of the brightest minds and most promising future leaders study and work with my research team at the University of Ottawa and partner institutions around the world. Get in touch to explore possibilities.




Research Projects




An interdisciplinary initiative, this project Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights for Open Innovation is developing legal, business, and policy solutions to make Canadian innovators more globally competitive.


The Open African Innovation Research network explores the role of intellectual property in facilitating innovation through collaboration across the continent.


Helping Canada and the world benefit from agricultural genomics is the mandate of the Value Addition Through Genomics and GE3LS project.


The Trade-Environment-Technology Exchange project helped governments in Canada and the European Union work toward policy coherence and convergence.


This project on African Copyright and Access to Knowledge compared the impact of copyright laws on access to educational resources across eight African countries.

To provide leadership in the face of Emerging, Dynamic, Global Economies, this network connected some of Canada’s best thinkers on global economic governance.