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I'm a law professor working on global technology,
innovation & intellectual property issues.

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How to Make Intellectual Property Provisions in International Trade Agreements Better

Intellectual property provisions in international agreements should not be negotiated secretly, but transparently. They should not serve special interests, but the public interest. And they should not be...

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Implementing the WIPO Development Agenda

The newly adopted World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Development Agenda presents a real opportunity to revolutionize the international governance of intellectual property law and policy.

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A Property Law Reader: Cases, Questions and Commentary

Studying property law for the first time? Here's Canada's most widely used casebook on the subject, including cases, questions and commentary on a range of fundamental and cutting-edge property law issues.

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Intellectual Property Issues in a Comprehensive Canada-EU Economic and Trade Agreement

Key intellectual property issues being negotiated in the Canada-EU CETA may be hard to implement, given the constitutional law governing Canada's federal system. In the journal article, "Implementing...

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The Future of the WIPO's Development Agenda

This article uses foresight research methods to provoke consideration of the medium/long term impacts of WIPO's "development agenda". To see how, download "Foresight into the Future of WIPO's Development...

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